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Colostrum provides immune protection right after birth and in first postpartum days to all children and mammalians. it helps creation and optimalization of autoimmune system function. It includes components that are necessary for healthy growth and organism development. It has beneficial impact on adult organism as well. It acts in the body as immunomodulant and it helps to create balanced immunity level.  It is suitable as prevention or to cure acute states.

Colostrum contains more than 250 active components in completly unique combination. It`s a natural source of immunoglobulins, protein promoting proper immunity, enzyms protecting against viruses and bacteria (lactoferin, lactoperoxidase), a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, oligosaccharides and growth factors.

Colostrum is rich especially in proteins called immunoglobulins. They help the creation and proper function of the immune system right after birth. They keep the immunity in optimal level. Immunoglobulins are not only capable to strenghten the exhausted and weakened organism before the effects of adverse external influences, but in the case of occurance of the autoimmune diseases, they subdue the extremly increased level of immunity.

Cell growth and recovery promote especially the growth factors. For newborns they are essencial for proper brain and body organs development, bones and teeth. Their functioning on adult organism helps renewal and regeneration of the cells. It supports healing of minor injuries, has beneficial effect on skin and helps to follow the anti-aging effect.


- It contains completly extraordinary and wide scale of substances helping the right functioning of the organism by its operation
- In particular it contains fats, proteins, complex fat-soluble vitamins, sacharids promoting intestenal microflora development, group of growth factors and other substances

Composition of dried colostrum

* PRP - Proline rich polypeptides
* Fat - Milk fat


Colostrum helps to keep the immune system balanced. This function of automodulation is managed by proline rich polipeptides. In illness prevention significant role is fulfilled especially by group of anti-bodies summarly called as immunoglobulins. In acute states it has inflamatory and antibactirial effect, especially lactoferrin, a protein with ability to bind the iron and lactoperoxidase.

Allergic reactions are regulated especially by IgE immunoglobulin and proline polypeptides. Immune disorders, especially autoimmune diseases, helps to manage in particular lactoferrin damping inflammation, combined with a group of growth factors, possibly cooperation of immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides.

Colostrum helps to dispose of inflammation due to anti-inflammatory components such as interleukin-10 and lactoferrin. This also helps to suppress painful states. Growth factors support cell growth in bone and cartilage tissue and prevent enzyme formation that can re-attack and destroy the renewed tissue.

Colostrum helps in skin care and it`s protection especially thanks to the natural growth factors, complex of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. It helps cell regeneration and renewal. It contains a telomerase enzyme that slows down the process of natural cells aging and their die out.

Colostrum is used in sports medicine. It helps to improve natural performance, increases endurance, promotes the creation and construction of muscle mass and regeneration after exertion. All this in particular by the action of natural growth factors, that prevent protein degradation and accelerate the transmission of sugars in the muscles.


Dietary supplements

  • Prevention
  • Support and immunity boost
  • Optimalisation of autoimmune system function
  • Help with infamatory states
  • Help with organism cleansing
  • Help with intestenal microflora adjustment


  • Milky baby formula (initial and continual infant milk replacement)
  • Hot and cold cuisine packed with vitamins
  • Vitality and refreshment


  • Support of sport activities- fitness and welness centres
  • Regeneration and recovery


  • A range of cosmetics for children
  • Daily skin care
  • Care of problematic and sensitive skin


  • Nutrition of juveniles and ill individuals
  • Treats for pets
  • Special products for activity boost and special usage


Do you have the product ready and you try to solve the purchase of raw materials? Do you have ideas, but you don`t have opportunities and facilities for their realisation? Let`s pull together - together we can do it.

We offer

  • Sale of dried cow (bovine) and goat colostrum
  • - Quality products in sufficient quantities and top quality available in several market types:
  1. A) colostrum skimmed IgG30
  2. B) colostrum skimmed IgG40
  3. C) colostrum skimmed IgG30 delact
  4. D) colostrum IgG30 natural
  5. E) customised specialities
  • Production and development cooperation (outsourcing)
  • Development and production facilities, equipped with modern technologies for colostrum processing and treatment
  • Long-term experience in development, production preparation and implementation
  • Sophisticated system of control operations, providing first-class quality of our products

About us

We are private company engaged in collecting and processing of cows and goats colostrum. For this purposes we use modern technologies, that guarantee sufficient ammount of production in top quality. We have machinery equipment for spray drying and also for deep freeze drying. Guarantee of high-quality is sophisticated control system created of modern equipment of our laboratories and high standarts of our employers.

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